Tree of Lost Soles in Clissold Park in London - Dec 2016

I've always liked skateboarders. Simple. I just think they're kool. I love this tree in Clissold Park in Stoke Newington, London that has been beautifully decorated  by them next to their skate park. Created an illustration of this image also.

I love the way it just says 'this will always be ours and there is nothing you can'. Man..I wish I could skate, curse my sexy 6ft 8inch body! 

Kids Rock! - Nov 2016

My friend Rae Smith contacted me once via Instagram while she was teaching in Ho Chi Minh City about using one of my screen prints as a way of showing the kids in her class about portraits that contain culture. 

She was referring to my A2 prints of 'Frida Khalo with Chillie eyebrows' (available to buy in my shop BTW). Once shown the children got busy with portraits of thier own, I was unaware how many classes where involved and was truley taken back as to how damn talented they are.

I still have my fav on my wall in my office. Thank you again to Rae Smith and the children of The British Vietnamese International School in Ho Chi Minh City!

Swan in Kensington - Nov 2016

I'm a winter baby and that's my favourite time of year. And while most people are taking pictures of the fucking trees changing colour (...which I also like), I saw this very tranquil swan just gliding on the pond in Kensington gardens. It's one of my favourite pictures and I'd love to screen print it but I suppose sometimes its just good to leave things as they are. Fucking perfect.

Thames Beach - Sep 2016

My home. London. A city built on blood, guts, burnings and black comedy. They say its the 'stiff upper lip' that help Londoners during the blitz but I think it was more down to our ability to laugh at times of total despair.

I think the beaches of the Thames represent London at its most dirty and gorgeous. The very cuts and scares that have hurt this city are the very same that created it.  'GAAAWD BLEESS IT!'

Strange half Rainbow above my head. Feb 2016

While sitting in a park in north London Last year I looked up to see a very strange half Rainbow directly above me reflecting off a very thin cloud. Apparently its called an upside-down rainbow and is an unusual phenomenon caused by sunlight shining through a thin, visible screen of tiny ice crystals high in the sky. Interestingly enough, it has nothing to do with rain. 

Needless to say I still killed all the first male borns within a mile radius just to be safe...